"This is transformational...not only will it supply the town with energy, but it will make money."


Michael McCormick. Deputy Prime Minister




Better Energy Technology was formed in 2017 to build power security for regional towns. 

Our core mission is to provide affordable, reliable and renewable energy.

Developing renewable energy projects in regional Australia will empower country towns and prepare them for a smarter future. We are committed to delivering long-term community benefits with positive social and environmental impact.

We design and construct localised power supply for regional towns using a portfolio of energy sources. Our projects can power industry and homes by harnessing the sun, wind, and landfill waste. We utilise ground-breaking technology to stabilise the grid with batteries and facilitate a greater penetration of renewable energy.

Better Energy Technology is investing in the future of Australia by reducing emissions, creating economic growth, providing social justice and pushing boundaries.  



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It is designed to provide long-term income streams for the town through exporting the surplus power generated. 


This can boost the local economy and reverse the economic decline most towns currently face.

The Lockhart Renewable Energy Project is the first project where BET will enable regional towns to be beneficiaries of lower power prices and owners of the electrical generation assets. 



BET's system design gives towns throughout regional Australia the ability to create renewable energy as well as new income streams. In turn, this can help boost regional economies and provide a sense of autonomy.



Meet The Team


Gordon Hinds is the founder of Better Energy Technology (BET) which was established in 2017 to deliver reliable renewable energy to regional communities. 

Gordon is also an adjunct professor of Urban Sustainability at Boston University Sydney campus, a post he has held since 2012. Prior to establishing BET has partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based in Boston to co-develop a new battery technology with his business partner, Professor Don Sadoway.

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Duncan Upton is the project engineer at Better Energy Technology (BET). His responsibilities include the management of personnel, budget, scheduling, and technical considerations of BET’s current and prospective projects.

 He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Honours at the University of Sydney, where he won the Tuh Fuh and Ruby Lee memorial prize for construction management. 

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The Project was put on display as part of the Development Application Approval

Process. After consulting with interested members of the public, the Council recommended the project for approval. The South Western Regional Planning Committee met in March 2020 and approved the Development Application.

BET gained a social license with the support of Lockhart Council through two town meetings held in October 2017. Here the proposal was put to the community and they voted unanimously to support the project.


Central to the successful proposal  is a deep and committed engagement process with local residents, authorities and governments. Key to these stakeholder is sustainability, commerce and autonomy. The narrative that allows a town to manage and control its own power supply with the potential of selling back to the grid is potent. 



"Lockhart is doing great things in the Renewable Energy Space"

Latest Tweet from Michael McCormack where he confirms his support the project's funding by the Federal Government.

"Historic NSW town leaps into a clean-energy future”

PV Magazine recently published an article about how Lockhart is becoming the "poster child for hybrid renewable generation plus storage"

"Hay looking to Lockhart"


Author Mike Foley from The Land, shares how Hay Shire Council is looking to replicate the successful project to be 100% powered by renewable energy happening in Lockhart.

"Renewable energy for Lockhart could form the Australian model"

Daniel Pedersen from The Land discusses Lockhart's bid to become Australia's first town powered 100 per cent by renewable energy. Photograph by Rachael Webb.

"Funding boost the 'first domino' to kick-start renewable energy project at Lockhart"

Dr Joe McGirr MP, State Member for Wagga Wagga shows his support and shares a 9 News clip regarding the Lockhart project.


Our Partners

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Gordon Hinds.

Managing Director.